#1 Hello :D von Hunter88 28.12.2012 17:11

Hello all my friends
First : Merry christmas for all of the members here
second : Srry 4 along time I not play freelancer and the reason of this I setup new sytem to my PC
So I lose My characters And ID
Now I prefer to back play with my clan
So I ask 1 simple question
Anyone know how Can I back mY Old ID And charcters??
Or I must do another character ?
Thanx Alot and I am happy for come backing to all Of you
And I wish all of you feel that to me

#2 RE: Hello :D von Scotch 29.12.2012 19:16

Yeah merry christmas

Thats no problem, all of us are a bit inactive i think^^

Just make a character on the new id, and on http://www.freelancerserver.de contact admin which characters off the old id should transfered to the new one. Admins for example: Horatio, Nosferatu, and so on. Sometimes you can find them ingame.

I'll try to come online, too. More then before^^

See you in space then


#3 RE: Hello :D von Hunter88 30.12.2012 01:29

So I can talk to them To Back My character ??

#4 RE: Hello :D von Hunter88 30.12.2012 02:33

Oh damn !
I cant reg to forum to speak with admins
Beacuse I cant understand this language

#5 RE: Hello :D von Scotch 31.12.2012 05:55

Okay please send me a private message with all old characters and the character on the new ID. I'll write to admins then they'll transfer the old chars to the new ID. But remember the existing chars on the new ID will be overwritten.

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